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Shirley Howells


From the first daub of paint on a canvas I knew that what I really wanted to do with my life was paint – it was to take another ten years before I could realise that dream.  And so it all began – the wrong side of fifty, so much to learn, to achieve, to absorb which made the whole journey that much more thrilling with not a moment to lose.   From realism to what could be described as traditional, modern impressionism (I hardly know what that means myself but!) – with an underlying passion for colour and light.  I attempt, and sometimes get there, to paint energy and passion - movement.  I want to tell stories, share experiences, involve the emotions of the viewers, to get them to see and experience what I have been moved to paint.


I have over the past fifteen years won various awards, had work accepted in prestigious showings, been published in an International Book on Still Life, been featured in the SA Artist Magazine, have had work included in the collections of notable collectors but, for me, the best affirmation to date has been having one of my works being used on the set of the Anant Singh movie “A long walk to freedom”.


I don’t know where my journey will end. Each day a new beginning, a new insight as I drink in the sights and sounds of life, a life which I embrace to the fullest, and the living and sharing of which I hope will give you, the viewer, as much enjoyment in the viewing as I, the painter  have had in the painting.


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