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Aviva Maree is a South African artist, creating timeless studies of working women in oil colours.
She applies her talent and intimate knowledge of rural life to capture the true spirit and heart of the Cape region and other parts of South Africa, where she has lived.

Aviva’s beautiful colour palette, combined with the emotions that her themes evoke, make the viewer want to be part of the picture. It often brings back memories such as the smell of flowers and salty sea on the hands and clothes of the figures Aviva depicts. The scenes are full of character, at times beautifully poignant, yet always filled with hope.

Aviva Maree’s art is exhibited by selected art galleries and is popular with local and international art investors and collectors of fine art.

With her paintings, Aviva strives to stay true to the meaning and simplicity of her name. Owning  Aviva Maree signiature artwork is synonymous with owning a part of life.



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