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Ann Gadd is an author of 14 books translated across many different languages and one of South Africa’s best-selling and most popular artists (with a particular fondness for sheep).

After 15 years in advertising, tired of having the wool pulled over her eyes, she opted out and into owning a health store, book-writing, being an alternative practitioner, journalism and painting quirky sheep paintings, as well as running art workshops and becoming the SA National Board-sailing Champion (in her spare-time), in between being a mother to her two children and several animals, (but no sheep). She is, in her art, the caught gesture / court jester, using humour to focus on many of the foibles of our human experience.

She facilitated of “Create Yourself” Art Workshops for eight years to individuals and corporates, as well as workshops on various other topics, more recently, the Enneagram. She is a Reiki Master, Footologist*, transformational counsellor and speaker.

She has studied, counselled and treated people, using a variety of healing disciplines for over 20 years during which time, she has gained some profound insights into the human psyche.

Ann’s overall expression is one of inspiration and change through consciousness and creation.


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