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Any Maddock started drawing people when she was still a toddler and excelled in art throughout her school career. After matriculating in Stellenboch where she had studied at the PJ Olivier Art Centre, she completed a three year Fine Art course at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. This was followed by a year at the Cape Town School of Fashion Design and for the next few years she worked in fashion and as a textile designer. Her love of fabric is still evident in her work, where figures are sensually draped in soft and textured materials.
After branching off into numerous career and study paths such as journalism, tourism, psychology and literature, her gift for portraiture was a thread that eventually brought her back to her art at the age of forty. This was when Anny and her daughter went to live in a remote mountain village in search of a simpler, quieter life. In this close knit community, surrounded by clear rivers, majestic mountains and the numerous awe-inspiring aspects of unadulterated nature, her deep connection with mother earth developed.

Against this background her reflective nature and awareness of the human spirit was able to find expression in her pastel paintings of women. She captures that moment of stillness and introspection where the person is in harmony with all of creation. The spiritual quality that pervades her work is often subtly symbolised by the use of an empty bowl, a stone vessel holding water, a single candle or simply a cupped hand, suggesting the fullness and emptiness of life.

Anny has gained recognition in South Africa due to her unique talents and her work is sought after by both local and international art lovers and collectors.


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