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Contemporary South African artist Andrew Cooper was born in Cape Town, South Africa in November, 1967. A gifted, self taught fine artist, who started painting professionally in 1987, he prefers to work on large scale landscapes and seascapes allowing the viewer to experience the grandeur and depth of the scene. Living in a region rich in breathtaking scenery. Andrew has created a magnificent body of work that has been exhibited throughout South Africa and the 2004 International Art Expo in New York City marked Andrew's premiere major American exhibition. Andrew's paintings have also been exhibited in the United Kingdom, most recently in June 2008, at the Smithfield Gallery in London.  

Andrew is devoted to painting much as he is devoted to exploring the vast and spectacular countryside of South Africa. His paintings of the mountainside, seaside, wine country, and the rich grasslands are a testament to his sincere appreciation of nature as well as his dedication to fine art. Even as a very young boy Andrew was a curious explorer and naturalist, the visions of Africa were emblazoned in his mind. His sharp eye and keen memory for detail caught every nuance of the scenes which played out in glorious colours before him.



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