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Nicole Pletts is a Durban artist and started painting in 1997. She has been painting professionally for 8 years.Nicole is a bright and bubbly person. She works mostly in oils, but really loves the effect of water colours, hence her tendency for pale colours and she loves brown. 

Nicole has a relaxed, no fuss personality. She does not like to over analyse anything. Nicole always has a camera to capture new scenes, she does not like to miss out on anything. She does not intentionally choose a subject, they choose her, the thought lingers, ignites and a series is born. Nicole is currently the vice president of KZNSA and has been a member for 8 years. She is also involved in Arts interactive.

She has participated in group exhibitions, Casia Labia in Cape Town with Makiwa, KZNSA with Pascale Chandler and Marianne Meijer., KZNSA members exhibition annually since 2004 and ArtSpace, Durban. (conglomorant).  Nicole was a finalist in the Sasol new signature award 2009- Pretoria Art Museum, as well as Jabulisa, 2006, Tatham Art Gallery Pmb.


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