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Pieter Jacques Krugel was born in the Eastern Highveld of South-Africa in the Province of Mpumalanga. It was there that his love for nature was nurtured. Jacques childhood days was spent in a care-free environment and his family's artistic interests and activities made a lasting impression on him.

After matriculated, Jacques completed a national diploma in Graphic Design. For the following years he utilised his knowledge and skills in video production and artistic functions at a major national corporation.

Today Jacques is a full-time artist, best known for his magnificent landscapes, nguni cattle, aloes, ostriches, nature and indigenous trees. He also has an exclusive range for the art lover that enjoy unique art. His medium of choice is acrylic paint on canvas and each of his work remind him of his place of birth, the open skies and endless vastness the magic of South-Africa.

What I try to do is to portay something that is pleasant to my eyes, enjoy the language of colour and create energy by using strong contrasting colours.


Jacques's work can be found in private collections. Especially that of major corporations in South-Africa and abroad.


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