Jan de Rooster

Jan was born in 1954 in Antwerp, Belgium and spent most of his childhood in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Belgium Congo). In 1968 the De Rooster family immigrated to South Africa, to settle in Nelspruit.

He went back to his country of birth in 1975 to study art and was a full-time student at the St Lucas Hoger Instituut Voor Beeldende Kunsten in Brussels, Belgium where he passed this tough three-year course with distinction. With his wonderful talent and hunger to develop his creativity, he simultaneously enrolled for a four-year art course, on a part-time basis, at the Stedelyke Academie Voor Schone Kunsten in Leeuven, Belgium. He passed this course with distinction.

During 1979 Jan held his first of nine solo exhibitions in Belgium. His first exhibition in South Africa was in 1972 at the early age of 18 when he introduced his wildlife paintings to the public. Since then he had many more exhibitions in the main centres of South Africa where he exhibited his etchings, oils, pastels and charcoals.

With his exclusive etchings, Jan has brought a fresh, new and exciting dimension to the South African art scene. It carries the unmistakable trademark of the European influence and has made people aware of what high quality etchings should look like.